Basic Tips for Finding Medical Escort Services

The safe and comfortable transportation of people with special medical conditions can be a delicate process fraught with many obstacles. Whether you are looking to transport an elderly patient to a facility across the state, a critical patient to a hospital, or need help with setting up a flight overseas with a patient with medical issues, you need to find an experienced company to provide the medical escort services that you need in a professional and courteous manner. The following are some basic tips to help you find the best medical escort services for you and your loved ones.

Medical escort companies should be able to provide a wide range of services, such as air ambulance services to hospitals and nursing homes to providing critical services for medical assist companies. Whether it is a public or privately-owned company, the medical escort service that you choose should provide quality services that are all inclusive with no hidden costs or fees. Additionally, these companies should be able to make all the necessary arrangements for transportation as well as other accommodations. These accommodations can include bed to bed transportation services as well as an in-house medical staff who is experienced and highly-trained to handle any medical situation. The best medical escort company may also own its own fleet of specialized fixed-wing aircraft that is maintained and managed in-house.

Additionally, your medical escort provider should have the knowledge and experience to partner with many medical providers both domestically and worldwide. These outside medical providers need to be able to pass the stringent and exacting standards that are enforced by the medical escort company as well as the necessary state and national medical practice standards. Most importantly, the medical escort service that you choose should be innovative in their field continually look for ways to provide quality services at an unbeatable price.


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Finding the Best Commercial Medical Transport Services

For those who have loved ones who need immediate air transportation due to the severity of their medical conditions, the stress of finding suitable and safe transportation can be a highly stressful undertaking. In those pressure-packed situations, you need to be able to count on a medical escort service that can provide you with quality commercial stretcher service both you and your loved one needs. While these services are limited to a small percentage of commercial airlines, the best medical escort and air ambulance services are able to coordinate all aspects of transport for a cost that is reasonable and can compete with private-owned medical transport companies.

Another consideration in finding the best medical transport services is if the company can handle the complex logistics and travel coordination associated with commercial medical flights. Companies need to be able to obtain the required medical clearance required by the airline and is able to coordinate travel for all members of the family. Another important consideration is obtaining aircraft that is retrofitted with the necessary equipment that can provide clients safe and secure travel. Additionally, these companies should also have highly trained and experienced nurses who will accompany the client and have all the necessary equipment and supplies needed in case of an onboard emergency.

The best medical transport companies also provide assistance to families in finding the necessary and appropriate medical facilities at the destination point. Additionally, the agency will also be active in the coordinating all aspects of care once the patient reaches their destination. In addition to coordinating the entire transfer process and providing families up-to-the-minute updates, medical escort companies should also be able to obtain a full and comprehensive medical report to ensure that the proper medical care is being followed that will fully address the special and unique needs of the patient. While looking to arrange a commercial medical flight for your loved one can be a long and stressful process, following the recommendations above will make your search much easier.

Do Medical Escort Accept Private Insurance ?

The process of finding and coordinating medical escort and other forms of air-based medical transport for your loved one can be time consuming and highly stressful. One of the main concerns that is on the top of every families’ lists when it comes to these and all medical services is insurance coverage. Many families will comb through their insurance policies, wondering if their private insurance will cover the costs of medical escort services. The process of knowing whether insurance will cover these costs can provide families with much anxiety, many medical escort services feature experienced and professional staff that can review your insurance policy for you.

When it comes to insurance coverage regarding medical transportation, what many may not know is that coverage of air ambulance flights is taken on a case-by-case basis. In order to know whether or not insurance will cover these services, you have to be able to interpret the often complex language of insurance policies. Additionally, you have to ask the right questions to your insurance carrier in order to know if there is coverage for these services. Given the fact that each patient as their own set of unique circumstances, the insurance specialists at medical escort and air ambulance services will be able to review your policy to see if claims will be accepted or rejected by your insurance company.

When it is determined whether or not medical escort and air ambulance services are covered under insurance policies, a key factor in that determination is if those services are deemed medically necessary. Under the Model Managed Care Contract that was devised by the American Medical Association, medical necessity can be defined as health care of services that physicians would provide to patients for the purpose of diagnosing and preventing illnesses or disease. Additionally, these services are clinically appropriate given the situation and are not for the economic benefit of the health plans or for the sole benefit of the patient.

Additionally, many families of patients often battle with their insurance company over the validity of the letter of Medical Necessity that is written by doctors or physicians. While doctors will provide a letter of Medical Necessity stating that air services are necessity for quality of care, the final determination of whether these services are covered is at the discretion of the insurance company. If the insurance company denies these claims, families are left with very few options to pursue. Insurance specialists should be proactive in pursuing payment of these services while you can focus on the well-being of your loved one.

The insurance specialists who work for medical escort agencies are able to interpret your insurance policy and review your situation to determine eligibility. They will make every attempt to confirm the extent of your coverage and can determine the likelihood that benefits would be paid out to you. Additionally, these insurance specialists will actively track the claims process for you, so that you are aware of the insurance company’s decision from beginning to end.

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